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Shanghai Shine Glass Co., Ltd. is a leading glass
supplier in China for many years. We mainly

specialize in the supply of glass products for

architecture, automotive, lighting, furniture,

decoration, electronic, home appliance etc...

Product display

Cheap and fine


Antique Mirrors are mirrors that look aged or distressed by years of use and exposure. Antique mirror is a kind of decorative mirror, you can install one at your home or any commercial place for creative interiors.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass (also called toughened glass)is a kind of high strengthened glass is formed by heating glass to the softening point in a horizontal tempering stove and then quickly cooling it with cold air.

Special Textured Glass

We supply special textured glass for interior and exterior decoration, main textures

Architectural Glass

Shanghai Shine Glass is one main supplier of architectural glass in China, our factory supply has more than 30 years of technical expertise in architectural glass design, production and delivery, our exceptional quality glass production is available to meet and exceed your exact specifications, we specialize in helping glass and glazing contractors find the products they need for exterior and interior glazing project.
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